About Us

Mitra Amerta Asia was Founded in 2020 in Surabaya,Indonesia as coffee shop under the name "kolokial", With this company's great expectations we can make a great Community over asia with our products.
Our Vision
  • To become one of the best companies in the field of trade and services with the best management in Asia that is sustainable growth.
  • Build business opportunities for all colleagues or partners and also the community. So it can help reduce unemployment, especially at young age and also educate to be the best in the field.
  • Our Mission

    Making this company grow over time, and following trends in accordance with the vision is our main mission. in the following ways :

  • Providing the best products from the field of Trade and Services to meet the needs of the community.
  • Creating a comfortable corporate environment for workers and increasing the value of the community, especially at a young age in order to develop soft skills and hard skills in internship programs or part-time that we have created.
  • Our Team

    Abimanyu Satrio Nugroho

    Manager Marketing

    Dwiki Jaya

    Manager Oprational

    Muhammad Fadly Basalamah

    Board of Director

    Katarina Cherly Setyani


    Hugo Adiwira Wardana

    Manager Multimedia

    Our Businesses

    Mitra Amerta Asia will not be born if there is no first brand relation, namely Kolokial which means "everyday language".

    Starting from a coffee shop that has the tagline "Lokalisasi Kopi", we strive to be the center for many production of roastery especially in Indonesia

    Dinamis Creative is a creative agency based in Surabaya, Indonesia that specialize in branding Strategy & Consulting, social media Management and creative design. In accordance with our name , our indicator of success is being able to realize the wishes of our service users.

    A business platform for us to provide solutions for coffee shop owners or coffee lovers in buying quality coffee machines.

    Mitra Coffee Machine

    Our Project


    available job vacancies

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    If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us below.